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Nipper Carnival 28 Feb. 2021

- Friday, February 26, 2021

2019 Special Levy

- Monday, September 9, 2019

Dear Members,

Our lifesaving club is in dire need of exterior painting and repairs with a view to attracting a future sponsor and the possible establishment of a self-sustaining coffee hatch.
Our municipality, despite numerous pleas, are unable to help any time soon due to administrative burdens. (Estimated at least 2 years if we're lucky).
So, in order to make things happen and belong to a club we can all be proud of to call home, the committee has agreed to an appeal for a special levy to be imposed on each member of a minimum of R200. This will be a once off payment and for those members that can afford more, (some of you have already indicated to this), there is no limit to your contribution. The important thing is that EVERYONE contributes and the club benefits for all to enjoy.
The monies collected will be appropriately allocated to the painting and repairs to the exterior of the building first, (this has been priced at R115K) secondly to the establishment of a self-sustaining coffee hatch, (costed at R380K) and thirdly to the upgrades to the female and male change rooms.
If you know of any ex or current members overseas or out of the province, who hold the club dear to their heart, please extend this plea far and wide.
Herewith are the club's banking details:
Bank: First National Bank
Account Holder: Durban Surf Lifesaving Club
Account No: 508 420 30913
Reference: Name + Special Levy

Yours faithfully
Steven Kitto
Durban Surf Lifesaving Club
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Sponsorship and SA Champs 2019

- Friday, March 22, 2019

Due to the testing economic climate Huletts who have been our major sponsor for the last 11 years have withdrawn their sponsorship due to restructuring within the company. We would like to thank Huletts and their team for their contribution which has assisted Durban Surf significantly in the past.

Should you know of anyone who would be willing to sponsor us and take up this business opportunity of branding their company on our prime location at North Beach. Kindly contact the office at or Steve Kitto (Chairman)

Please note that the office will be closed from 23 March 2019 until the 1 April 2019 as we will be in Port Elizabeth for the SA Lifesaving Champs 2019. Should you need to contact us please forward an email as we will not be available by phone.

Thanking all our members for your continued support.
Durban Surf Executive Committee


2018 Durban Surf Committee

- Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Last Sunday of the Month Entertainment

- Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Join us for our "Last Sunday of the Month" Music and Braai day... Happy Hour from 12:00 - 13:00


Monthly Competitions

- Friday, March 16, 2018

As you are all aware, we have decided to resurrect the monthly competitions, which is aimed at getting the competitors racing more often and generating some ‘gees’ in the team. As with all events going forward, DS Bucks will be up for grabs for the relevant placings. We have outlined the events below to give you an idea of what they are all about.

Long Run - Traditionally this run was from blue lagoon to DS on the beach. This year however we changed it up and ran on the promenade from the club to Moyo and back. Starting and finishing at the club was a success and well received.
Short Swim – The traditional ‘round the cans’ type swim. A buoy will be put out in the centre of north beach about 200-250m out. Start on Dairy next to the pier and finish on north beach, going round the can in the process.
Long Swim – Start at Afro’s past South Beach and finish at North Beach.
Short Board – Same as the Short Swim, but with boards and a little further.
Ski – Start and finish on Dairy beach and around the nearest shark net buoy. The leader chooses the buoy.
Sprint – Normal event as per any LSA competition
Flags – Normal event as per any LSA competition
Iron Man – Short swim course, then Short Board course, then a body board leg around the pier, no ski. No ski to make it more accessible for all.
Long Board – Start at North Beach, round the pier and head south. Come in at Wedge Beach opposite the lifeguard tower and go around one of the bathing beacons. Head back out and go north back to the finish at North Beach.
Obstacle Race – A traditional favourite! Start on Dairy beach, swim round the pier to North Beach. Run to the first bathing beacon, then crawl from the first to the second on all fours. Jump up and run to the end of Bay pier. Jump off and swim to the finish at Dairy beach.

Steven Mark Kitto
Service Delivery Manager
T +27 87 3530631
C +27 78 3518222


Nippers Information Booklet

- Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fond Farewell Juma

- Wednesday, May 31, 2017
It is with great sadness that we inform you that Juma Sheha from our Crow Café will be leaving us on the 8 June 2017. He is returning to his home country Zanzibar for personal reasons. Juma has been part of Durban Surf since 2014. His easy going manner and his rapport with members will be missed but we wish him well in his journey ahead.

2017 Midmar Mile (Ford Port Shepstone)

- Friday, February 10, 2017
A very big THANK YOU goes out to Halfway Ford in Port Shepstone. They came to the party and sponsored our Water Safety Crew 2 vehicles to ferry all safety equipment to Midmar Dam this weekend for the world famous Midmar Mile. Vigilance & Service is the name of the game for the Durban Surf Water Safety Crew this weekend.
Ford - Port Shepstone Ford - Port Shepstone
Ford - Port Shepstone
Ford - Port Shepstone
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2017 Crowe Cafe Introduces Zapper

- Thursday, February 9, 2017

Durban Surf Members and Visitors with Zapper on their smartphones can pay securely for meals in seconds without needing to call the waitron back to the table. Zapper also has handy features for adding a tip quickly or splitting the bill between friends.

But the benefits of Zapper grow the more you use it because when you use Zapper to pay for a meal, you automatically become eligible to receive great promotion vouchers and discounts. The more restaurants you use it at, the more vouchers you will be eligible to receive!

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Welcome to Durban Surf Lifesaving Club

- Friday, January 1, 2016

Durban Surf Lifesaving ClubBecome part of an iconic organisation that has served the South African community for nearly 90 years. Durban Surf Lifesaving Club, The Red Tide, is the oldest and most decorated lifesaving club in South Africa. We are the only non-Australian club to win the World Interclub Lifesaving Title, having won it twice in 1996 and 2004. Our latest achievement was winning the junior title at the 2016 World Interclub Championships. Our Nippers are no different and have won Nipper Nationals numerous times and are the current national champions, winning for the past 5 years running.


DCYCC acknowledges DSLC

- Friday, December 9, 2016

(Reply to our donation of clothing)
Thank you very much for your kind donation.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity from friends like you, we’re not alone in caring for our precious boys and girls. And it is wonderful to know that we have friends like you, to help us every step of the way.

Your support doesn’t just help us give the children a childhood where they are able to flourish... but also happy memories that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.


2016 - 25 Piers Swim - Preview

- Saturday, December 10, 2016

Crow Cafe

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